Facebook is on Strong Profit & Revenue growth. But Twitter lagged behind on its expectation

Good News for Facebook :

Here are just a few points that we have to know how Facebook achieved its Profit & Revenue growth:

  • Facebook said about 1.71 billion people used the site monthly, up from 1.49 billion a year ago
  • There are now more than 1 billion active users of Facebook Messenger
  • Total revenue rose 59.2 per cent to $6.4 billion(analysts had predicted about $6 billion)
  • Facebook’s profit jumped 186 per cent from a year ago to $2 billion

Facebook was expected to do well as per the analysis, but it did really well apart from what everyone thought.

Not so good news for Twitter this time:

The biggest problem for the platform is slow growth in its user base, which rose 3 per cent from a year ago to 313 million monthly active users (less than 1 per cent this quarter).

Revenue rose 20 per cent from a year ago to $602 million, but lagged behind what analysts were expecting overall.

Twitter’s Next Move : Much like Facebook, video is a big part of where Twitter sees its future. It’s hoped a number of live-streaming partnerships with sporting leagues like the NFL, that allow users to watch and tweet on the same screen, will increase growth on all fronts.

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