Nonstop Heavy rains & Traffic jams in Gurgaon – throws business into Deep Water

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Nonstop rains over the last couple of days drowned the Millennium City of Gurgaon causing long traffic snarls, some even extending more than 10 kilometers. Several areas in the city were flooded, pointing to the critical lack of infrastructure and a planned drainage system.The situation worsened on Thursday night when commuters, travelling in motorcycles and four-wheelers were stuck in traffic jams for hours.

This led to a chaotic situation exposing the lack of preparations to deal with such conditions in a city where thousands of commuters enter from different parts of Delhi for different purposes. The authorities seemed under-prepared in dealing with the situation initially as the pumping of water was stopped after a couple of hours on Thursday due to danger of the Badshahpur drain overflowing.

Meanwhile, to deal with the situation, the state government dispatched a company each of State Disaster Response Force and India Reserve Battalion to Gurgaon. CISF, BSF personnel and 250 homeguards were also deployed to manage the traffic. Chief Minister Khattar’s plan to visit the area failed after his helicopter could not take off because of poor weather conditions on Friday.

The situation improved on Friday evening and the prohibitory orders were also lifted. Potholes appeared on roads on Saturday morning as water receded. The restoration work has begun as the flow of traffic will again go up as Monday approaches. Although the weekend is predicted to get less rain than usual, strong showers are expected by Tuesday.




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