Air China finally apologise for racist comments against Indians, Pakistanis & Black people

An extremely racist advertisement in the in-flight magazine of Air China has created a stir across the world. The contents of the ad warn passengers to stay away from specific areas in London that are mostly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and Blacks. Coincidentally, the ad was pointed out by a Chinese journalist named Haze Fan travelling by the airline.


After serious of News spread across the world, China asked its flag-carrier Air China to investigate the racial comments found in its in-house magazine and asked them to remove immediately to avoid controversy.

Several Bollywood Actors and People across countries like United Kingdom, India, Pakistan openly expressed their anger against the racist ad carried by the airline’s magazine.

Rishi Kapoor has tweeted, “We,Indians and Pakistanis need to sue Air China for maligning us.Chinatown, Gerrard Street,London W1 never safe.”

Farhan Akhtar seconded the veteran actor, saying, “WTF..!!! #AirChina.. Really????”

Arjun Kapoor also joined the fray, saying, “These people deserved to be punished for such offensive point of views being fed to the general public !!!”

Air China, following the trolling on all Social Networking sites, has removed the magazine from all its flights and issued an apology for the damaging remarks. But it’s Too late!




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