Police evict pro-jallikattu protesters in Chennai, other parts of Tamil Nadu

Police on Monday morning started evicting pro-jallikattu protesters in Chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore and other parts of Tamil Nadu who refused to leave the protest venues even after they requested them to disperse.

The Chennai police requested the protesters on Marina Beach to disperse in a peaceful manner as “that their purpose has been fully achieved” since the state government promulgated an ordinance on Saturday.

The police, who issued a press release in the early hours of Monday, said the protest had been staged in a disciplined and peaceful manner without causing inconvenience to the general public and hindrance to the traffic.

They stated that the participants had been assisting the police throughout and had cooperated well in the maintenance of law and order and regulation of traffic.

The police said the state government had passed an ordinance and taken an initiative to conduct jallikattu in various places in Tamil Nadu and to fulfill the aspirations of the people in the state.

“Through an exemplary display of unity and discipline, the purpose of the protest has been fully achieved,” the statement said, requesting the protesters to cooperate with the police.

The protesters on Marina got a copy of the ordinance around 6am, and a lawyer read it out.

As the protesters were discussing whether they should disperse or not, police personnel surrounded the area and asked them to leave. They sought more time to leave. However, after 6.30am, cops started forcing the protesters to leave the venue.

Some of the protesters left willingly while others stayed put. Some protesters ran towards the seafront and police chased them.

While a few hundred protesters still remained on the Marina Beach, police completely evicted protesters in VOC Park in Coimbatore and in Vellore. Police forced protesters at MGR roundabout in Trichy to disperse.

Tension prevailed in Tamukkam and Alanganallur in Madurai district. Police held talks with protesters in Alanganallur.

In Chennai, after evicting most protesters, police personnel took charge of the area. The started dismantling pandals while corporation workers started cleaning protest venue.

Marina Beach witnessed a few lakh people in the last few days. The protest was launched on Tuesday.



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