US has told India there’s no significant change in H-1B visa regime: Govt

The United States has conveyed to India that there is no significant change in the H1B visa regime, commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Monday.

Sitharaman said in Lok Sabha that India is articulating its concerns regarding the visa policy vigorously with the new administration in the US.

However, the minister said, there is no significant change in the H1B visa regime.

“The fear, at least for 2017, is not proved to be correct. They (US authorities) are saying their current priority is to deal with the illegal immigrants,” she said during Question Hour.

Sitharaman said the issue was also taken up by the commerce minister recently with visiting Congressional delegation led by Bob Goodlatte and during the visit of commerce secretary and foreign secretary to the US during first week of March 2017.

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